It’s easier to

build a boy

with integrity

than repair

a broken man.


The Boys' Hub

#BoysLivesMatter intiative is an organization focused on raising awareness on the sexual abuse of the boy-child and prevention through promoting reproductive health advocacy for boys.

We drive boys advocacy that would see boys in a new way, mentor these boys socially, emotionally, mentally to become men, who are happy, healthy individuals, who become positive contributors to community and family.

  • Creating awareness on the sexual molestation of the boy child.

  • Providing platforms for men to speak upabout their sexual molestation and get counseling.

  • Sensitising the public on the need to focus and protect the boychild from sexual molestation.

  • Promoting the need to look into boys emotional,mental health, behavior development and social growth.

  • Engaging boys in heart to heart conversations and help them navigate their way out of negative masculinity.

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