In the month of February I started organizing classes for parents to teach them guidelines on how to start conversation on sexuality education for their kids especially boys.

It was an awesome session with parents, Here are some of the questions the parents asked me.

QUESTION- I have never spoken to my daughter who is 17 about sexuality education, how do Ii broach the subject matter to her without shrugging it off as sermon?

ANSWER- Your daughter is almost 18 an adult, you may need to change your approach to having  this kind  conversation, how about a daddy/ daughter date to some where nice and cozy where you can talk, gossip , gist and later bring up the subject on sex, men, relationship and contraception.

FEEDBACK- Thank you so much for this advice, it seems perfect to start this kind of conversation over a father /daughter date.

QUESTION-I have always struggled to talk to my boy about sexuality education because they find it boring ,what do I do?

ANSWER- Don’t ever sermonize this kind of conversations, make it light- headed, perhaps over chores, making dinner, over a walk, or during playtime. Do not overload the conversation now I know I should not make my conversations into sermons. I will jokingly discuss this stuff with him and explain things to him properly.

QUESTION-My 13 year old  son hides his erection from me, is something wrong with  him, why are his erection so frequent, is he up to something?

AMSWER- Once boys step in to puberty, they experience more erection and there is nothing absolutely  wrong with  him, stop attaching his erection to sexual behavior. Boys can have erection due to a number of  factors not necessary sexual, his body is prepping him for adulthood and he is beginning to see the need to handle stuff on his own, beside your reaction could make him recline; lots of boys are shy about what they experience during puberty. So take it easy with him.

FEEDBACK- The teaching was great, I  know boys do have erection when they wake up but now I know better that anything could trigger it. I have been relating the erection stuff to sexual stuff and I use to embarrass  him by asking him series of questions. like what are you thinking, what are you watching…. May God forgive me.

QUESTION-My son has become secretive , what do I do a single as a mom?

ANSWER- Every boy needs a father figure to mentor or model after , so its best to get a trusted man who can mentor him and become his buddy, he may well be able to relate with a male figure whom he can share and vibe with.

FEEDBACK- Thanks sis in as much as I know I need to talk to my boy, I have also learnt not to sermonize my talk. The idea of a male mentor is an eye opener for me and that  part he keeps secret from me that use to bother me is now clarified, at times i wonder if he is having something unusual to hide {like hoping he dose not have two penises}…LoL!

QUESTION-At what age should I start talking to my son about sexuality education?

ANSWER- You need to start having this conversation from the age of 2 years when they can listen and respond, you need to use  age appropriate age conversation, you can start with teaching him names of body parts and body boundary and how to say no and report inappropriate touch.

FEEDBACK- I have learnt I need to be discussing issues in a friendly manner with my kids and its better to start early in life so if challenges comes they will be free to discuss with me as a parent.

Sexuality Education is a right based and gendered based focused approach which focuses on enlightening children and young persons with basic information that involves body anatomy, reproductive health rights, information on contraceptive, child birth, sexually transmitted diseases, emotional intelligence and relationship skills.