Boys Lives Matter Initiative is an organization focused on raising awareness on the sexual abuse of the boychild and prevention through promoting reproductive health advocacy for boys .

    Championing the cause for the boychild.


    The Boy’s Hub is an initiative aimed at driving boys advocacy that would see boys in a new way,mentor these boys socially, emotionally,mentally to become men who are happy healthy individuals who become positive contributors to community and family.


    #BoysLivesMatter is our awareness and campaign slogan to strategically aimed to sensitise the public on the need to focus on the boychild for positive development.


    The boys hub has decided to create a sensitization awareness walk to dream the public to the attention of the sexual molestation of boys which has an attendant effect on the mental, emotional health and social  behavior of these boys.


    My passion for boys advocacy all begin with the privilege of work for boys project Nigeria where we mentor about 18 street boys in Oshodi. As I began to try and understand the world of a street boys ,sexual abuse of boys came fore and I realised it was an issuse that was under reported and as I began to interact with me, cankerworms of viscous boys sexual abuse was opened and the devastating psychological impact on their mental and social growth was hampered.


    Moreso, I began to receive stories account in graphic details of sexual abuse and rape as boys.


    To this end I saw there was the need to champion and project the voices of the boys know the subject of sexual abuse,which led to the creation of the Boys Lives Matter,  a movement to get boys voices heard and to sensitise the public on boys sexual abuse and it’s attendant impact corrosive to the mental and social development of the boy into a man. That’s why our slogan reads- “a broken boy is a broken man.”

Nkechi Macaulay, the Founder of Boys Lives Matter Initiative is a broadcast journalist, boys advocate, emotional wellness coach, gender equity advocate. She is a single parent raising a boy and a girl.

Nkechi runs campaigns on sexual molestation of boys, tour schools promoting reproductive health for boys and organises a walk against sexual abuse of the boychild. In fostering the passion for the boy child, Nkechi runs campaigns on the television, radio and print media on the sexual abuse of boys and convenes boys’ conferences strictly for boys.