I was at JOSEDAP ACADEMY to talk to students of the school on the subject of Sexuality Education and the Essence of Valentine.

It was a no-hold barred session especially the Q&A session. These were some questions they asked me.

Questions asked…..

How dose sex feel like?

Did cultist use to love?

Is valentine fornication?

Why do people watch porn before having sex?

How do I suppress sexual feelings?

Why is it that whenever a guy gives you a gift they want something in return?
I’m confused about choice of friends?

If you rape a girl at age 14 and you are caught,will you be arrested?

How dose a girl manage her feelings when she is raped?

Is kissing bad?

Can I have a boy as my best friend?

Can one kiss before marriage?

If a boy penis stands when he has the urge for sex,what will happen to a girl of she has the urge?

Why is sex good and hot and what are the responsibility in sex?

If a girl rapes a boy what should I do?

What is the main purpose of Valentine?

Why do boys ask for sex?

Is there any style that can lead to pregnancy?

Can condom reduce the possibility of having sex?

Is oral sex bad?

How can you show love to a girl?

Which sound is better during sex?

Is watching porn good?

Can I fuck a girl on valentio day as a gift if the girl is aware and she allows me to cum inside her?

I took time to answer all of their questions and had a one on one session with 13 students who needed counseling on issues surrounding…….. rape,masturbation,sex,incest,toxic family environment, Sexual assault,sex,condoms, friendship,marriage, emotional issues, academic performance,parental issues.