A mother reached out to me in fear when her son who was less than 2 years old had an erection and she was worried if he was experiencing sexual arousal,quite a funny incidence.

A teenage boy who was very religious and attended one of these churches where the subject of erection in boys was termed sinful,severed his penis because he reasoned from the  scriptures that said if his eyes is making him sin,he should cut it off. So when he began to experience arousal and erection,he termed it as sin.

When my son was a baby,I noticed he had erection and I was surprised but after a couple of studies I understood his erection wasn’t linked to sexual arousal ; for crying out loud he is a baby.

A boys sexual and sexuality development involved the physical, cognitive, emotional,social and moral aspect of sexuality. From the ages of early adolescent between 11-15,boys do not have the cognitive and emotional maturity to make wise decision as regards sexuality and sex.

Erections can also occur for no particular reasons due to chemical and hormonal changes associated with puberty. Already boys are beginning to show interest in sex and experiencing arousal so you find more boys masturbating.

They also begin to express sexual behavior in terms of hugging,flirting, kissing,or tickling, sometimes done in private where no one is seeing them.

The National child traumatic stress network issued a report in 2007 on child sexual development in the United States had this to say……

1- children less than four years old will normally touch their own private parts and look at the private part of others and would want to be naked.

2- Between ages four and six years old,they would become more curious,will attempt to see others dressed or undressed or will play doctor.

3- Between ages six and twelve they will expand their curiosity to images of undressed people in the movies and human connection around them.

4- From twelve and above,all of the effect of puberty comes bearing down during the teenage years. Without sex and reproductive health education,boys could be exposed to sexual misconduct or abuse.


Developing an erection or ejaculation could be very confusing during a sexual assault on a boy become he experiences a kind of pleasure but clearly it’s not their fault.

The anatomy of a boy’s private organ,the sizes and nerve endings is basically designed to respond to stimulation.

Teenage boys are sensitive to touch anywhere on their body. Arousal in boys and men is not something that can be controlled,most men and boys have experienced unwanted or unintentional arousal.

A boy can get aroused from the vibration from riding a bus,from stimulation of the genital such as pressure,touching or rubbing can easily cause an erection even when it’s not intended.

Illustration of a penile diagram

Do you know the region around the anus is very sensitive because it has alot of nerves around it which can cause arousal when touched. So it possible for the male body to respond to anal touching by developing erection and ejaculation.

There is an organ called the postrate gland close to the bladder and seminal vesicles and if pressured or stimulated during medical examination can trigger an erection,this is purely a physiological reaction.

It’s clear then that in sexual assault on boys or men,an arousal which leads to erection and ejaculation is not consent but outright sexual assault.

Sexual predator who abuse boys use the knowledge and understanding about the male body as regards erection and ejaculation to confuse a boy that he actually consented to sexual assault; which has led to gross silence on boys when sexual abuse occurs.

It can cause confusion and pains leaving boys with the feelings of shame, guilt and disgust at their body for seemingly cooperating with an abuser.

Boys must understand invariably how their body works as regards involuntary erection and ejaculation.

Armed with this information boys must summon up courage to speak up against any form of sexual assault by a male or female predators.

Boys must be taught to love and appreciate their bodies and speak up against sexual assault from a male or female predators.