Parenting boys during this coronavirus pandemic is a hard task emotionally and mentally.

It’s important at this time to manage our fears and emotions so we don’t impact negativity into them.

This pandemic has led to the shut down of schools and introduced social distance and isolation to contain the spread,this can gravely impact boys mental,emotional and physical health.

Fortunately for children they seem to be less affected by it compared to adults. In this staggering times,we re witnessing more adults dying and very many parents separated from their kids, not to talk of palpable fears amongst children and helping children deal with grief when a parent or love one is gone.

Dr Tali Raviv ,the associate director of the center for childhood Resilience at the Ann ND Robert H. Laurie children’s hospital had this to say ” it’s normal for people of all ages to experience signs and distress but for children,this may include clinginess,tearfulness,nightmares or temper tantrums. You may also see children return to behaviour they had previously outgrown .

For boys who have lost a parent or a love one,it’s important to seek counsel from a child psychologist to help the boy process his pains.

Now for boys who have to be isolated,realize that when boys are cooped in all day, isolated and lonely,it can trigger …..






Social connection for boys is much more than some form of playtime….it’s a a life and death issuse said Nlobe Way professor of applied psychology and author of Deep Secrets : Boys Friendship and Crisis Connection.

Boys need deep connection with their peers because it’s all about the brotherhood. Physical activities is one sure way to help boys deal with isolation.

If you re living in a spacious apartment,create schedules of physical activities that would involve games,dance,drama,tree climbing,and work out session.

Every boys needs a buddy ,also create talk time session with his buddies,the use of video conferencing is not a bad idea.

Most especially this times creates the opportunity for family bonding time filled with prayers and faith.