Masturbation is one of the sensitive subject filled with lots of biases. It is surrounded by cultural, religious and moral belief connoting its something very bad.

We must understand that children are also sexual being, from the ages of 5 and 6,some kids indulge in masturbation because they are curious about their bodies and find it pleasurable and comforting. You may even find kids exploring each others genitals when they play out.


Masturbation is a natural way of self simulation of the genitals for pleasure, its a perfect and normal way to understand ones body about sex and sexuality.

Boys masturbate:

  • For pleasure
  • Explore their bodies
  • Curiosity
  • Personal comfort
  • sexual abuse
  • Lacking attention
  • Hooked on porn
  • Psychological problems
  • Makes them feel good


A mother discovered her 3 year old son was masturbating and moaning with joy, she felt deeply embarrassed and troubled until she went to the hospital spoke with a doctor who reassured her ,her son was ok and should dissuade him from doing it publicly.

Young boys and toddlers usually engage in genital stimulations and to them its no different from playing with other parts of their bodies such as the eyes ,nose and eyes. Its nothing sexual, research shows that children as young as newborn infants masturbate by rubbing their crotches rhythmically against the bottom of their cribs. Its quite normal

From the medical perspective there is no damage or consequence as a result of masturbation except its compulsive. Tan Kerner, PHD, a sex therapist and author of “she comes First” said for the vast majority of men, masturbation is a healthy thing.

Medical science has proven that masturbation has no ill effect on one’s health, growth or sexual strength, only when a child is ridiculed, made to feel guilty or fearful about the act, dose it cause psychological damage to self esteem. In fact it helps to organize sexual urges and patiently wait for the right time to have sex with a female, so said fro Dr Rajan. B Bhonsle, Professor and Head of Department sexual health.

A boy who masturbates:

  • Is not over sexed
  • Promiscous
  • A sexual Deviant
  • Cant become sterile
  • Wont go blind
  • Wont go insane
  • Wont have his sexual organ falls off
  • Suffers erectile dysfunction

These are some of the myths associated with masturbation:

When masturbation becomes compulsive it leads to a series of sexual and mental health issues that can be debilitating for teenage boys. When masturbation begins to affect a boy from social interaction ,his academics, or he publicly masturbates ,hooked on pornography ,,bruises his penis, or engages in excessive masturbation, inappropriate sexual talk or activity, public masturbation after several talks, frequent daily masturbation in public and private spaces ,its a pointer to a psychological or deep rooted problem.

In this case it becomes necessary to stop masturbation, so are you wondering if its possible to stop?

yes it is possible!!!!!


  • Find out underlying troubling personal issues scuh as bullying, peer pressure ,porn, sexual abuse, family crisis, mental health issues.
  • He needs to see a psychologist.
  • Register him in a couple of clubs or associations for volunteering activities.
  • He needs to avoid porn.
  • He needs to exercise more or start yoga classes .
  • Spend time with others to beat loneliness

If you discover your toddler fondles his penis ,there is no need to panic because its a phase for them and he is not aware of what he is doing.

If you discover your teen or teenage son masturbates and its not affecting his life especially his studies there is no reason to raise an alarm ,make him feel guilty or humiliate him because he will retreat into his shell and secretly indulge in it the more and this can trigger other mental and sexual health issues.

Its critical to understand your son’s sexual progress, bond with him to enable him express his fears, frustration and pains. Open the channels of communications and be more observant .