I can’t forget the scene I stumbled on while in a bus on my way home from work,I saw school boys in uniforms from different schools along orile igamu axis in Lagos state trooping enmasse into the highway wielding short cutlasses,sticks,iron rods and stones having a free for all fights ,throwing stones and other object at oncoming motorists. It’s the 犀利士 kind of scene you watch on a Mexican soap opera. It seems to be a regular scene weekly said occupants in the bus,with some of the boys sustaining injuries,in police net even leading to death. That axis is notorious for it’s constant school Violence.

School Violence is a series of Violence that occurs within the school environment,it can occur on school property,on the way to or from school, during school sponsored event.

From a study conducted in ogun state located in south- West Nigeria,across sectional survey of 516 adolescent aged 13-15 in six public schools showed a gravely high percentage of boys indulged in physical fights,bullying,being gang members,having bodily injuries,carrying weapons,wearing amulets to school,staging school fights.

You will recall that a certain teacher at Army Children High School Epe was reportedly shot dead by one of the student he flogged.

There has also being reported school Violence between both government secondary schools at ijanikin leading to deaths of students and the state government deploying policemen stationed inside the school premises to curtail these incessant Violence.


1-Violent media and video games.

2-Intake of hard drugs and alcohol.

3-Personality disorder- students with mental or behavioural disorders which triggers mockeries and instigate rebellion.

4-Dsyfuncyional homes- homes were parents are violent,homes filled with worries, anxieties,inferiority complex and negative emotions.

5- Retaliation,teasing,unprovoked assault and disagreement can trigger Violence in schools.

Forms of Violence includes gang fights,corporal punishment ,ridiculing,humiliating and threatening students to bullying and sexual Violence.

Most of these school Violence stems from ego,peer pressure and fights over girls or cult clashes,these school Violence usually cascade into Street fights that can turn bloody.


1- Stop building several schools in one complex.

2- Parents should be more involved and intentional about raising kids.

3-Schools and Parents should set clear rules and limits for their kids.

4-Build more schools to depopulate students.

5-Employ more teachers especially well trained male teachers.

6- Employ stern disciplinary measures in schools

7-Intiate school Violence programmes for students to include parents and teachers.

8- There should be more counseling centers in schools to help students handle aggression and conflicts.

The impact of school Violence on the students is unprecedented,school Violence can lead to loss of lives,destruction of properties,reduced school attendance, impaired concentration,fear, diminished ability to learn and eventual school closure.

Schools should be a safe place for all.