I got introduced to sex at about 6 years old.

I got introduced to sex at about 6 years old.

I got introduced to sex at about 6 years old. It was our house maid. Looking back now, she must have been in her late teens or early twenties then.

I went to my dad’s house for holiday (we weren’t living together) and they had this house help hired by my stepmom.

It happened repeatedly and she threatened to kill me if I told anyone. Somehow, I believed her and I couldn’t tell anyone but I remember that I would cry a lot whenever I was to be left alone with her at home. She made me do all sorts. I later resigned myself to my fate with her. It continued till the end of the holiday.

Afterwards, it was another house maid hired by my foster mom. I was 7 plus then. I didn’t really liked it but it was no longer strange to me. I became her pleasure stick.

The 3rd time, it was my friend’s elder sister. I was about 8/9 and she was a senior in secondary school then. I guess she was in her late teens. She experimented with a couple of us but took interest in me when she saw how I conducted myself with little help. She introduced me to soft porn and also experimented me with other smaller girls of my age grade.

After that, well, I became a sexual predator at about 9 years. And somehow, their was always a willing older lady. I was the one sneaking to them at night and mounting them in their sleep. That was how I took interest in older women and my journey into addiction to sex, masturbation and porn.

I cannot begin to tell you how messed up I became. It got very bad before it got better. Thanks to God and my personal desire for a change.