Our landlord’s daughter molested three of us

My name is Dr. Edet, I would be 42 by my next birthday, yes boys live matter and the reason I am willing to share this story about my own personal experience years back when I was about 8 or 9 years.

I grew in one of the  suburb in Lagos with my parents and siblings and trust me things were not as easy back in the days.

I was molested severally and overtime I started enjoying the act. Our Landlord’s daughter then aunty Adesuwa was actually responsible for this act, although she is late now and I don’t know if it is appropriate to do this.

We are about 3 young boys of same age bracket she was doing this to and we were not privy to this act until we were of age and we just laughed about it and managed to live with it for the mockery and reaction we may get for finding out that a big aunty of over 24 years was taking advantage of us.

Her style is to call me to her apartment bearing only a white towel and asked that I follow her to her room to give me some money to run errands for her only for her to conciuously allow the white towel drop and poor me will not pick up the towel and and see Aunty take your towel, it fell down. She would smile at me and then hold my hands and carried me to her bed and started playing with my “JT”. I never really like the fact that she did this to me on a number of occasions and most times I complain she tells me of my other friends in the same compound like I stated we were three young boys she was always molesting to satisfy her selfish interest. Apart from the fact that she gives me money I think 50k note then to buy sweet, she also told that my other friends are better than me and I started looking forward to the act in a bid to outdo my other friends. Like I started earlier, I kept it from them until we were of age and anytime we discuss it we just laughed about it.

After I opened up to NK, I reached out to my other friend that I intend to open up over how she molested us and he told me to count him out of that nonsense as he would go down the grave with that incident before it was in the past and it should remain there.

I did struggle to decide to do this but I am doing so now because it is the right thing to do, not because I want vengeance because she has passed away, may her soul rest in peace but because we need to know that from way back boys had faced incident of molestation, rape, bullying and other vices facing the girl child today.

Now coming to the question of effect of this act on me, trust me I am not really sure because I lived a normal live but I noticed I lost the zeal for women as I only got involved with them towards my final year in the higher institutions. I also noticed that it made me very arrogant with women which means I may over react over a subject matter depending on whether it is a male or female that is involved. I get this feeling that the female may want to take advantage of me, I may be wrong though but that is the much I can say. Again even as an Adult, the last time I met her, he was looking so pretty though she was married, my heart skipped and she was rubbing my shoulder asking me how I was and that I have grown to become a big boy, I cannot look straight to her eyes, I was just feeling used flashing my mind back to how you deliberately allow her towel drop and praying she gets her hand off me, this was like 10 years ago. I forgive her though.

I am married with two daughters and very happy with my family but I hope my Story will help parents to look out for their boys especially at tender age because lots of predators abound who may strike given any opportunity.

I hope my Story will help NK and her team fight for the course of the boys child who are as venerable as the girls child in our society today.